Biography of William F. Bibby

Courage, strength, creativity – found right here in the life and accomplishments of William F. Bibby. Seldom does one find such artistic expression flowing from a keen mind and unimaginable brain. The ultimate success of Bill’s life defies all prediction of failure considering his poor performance in the classroom, lack of focus, and silly antics. Rising above these hurdles is a true testament to his determined character and unique gifts.

Beginning in school at Bishop Gibbins High School in 1964, he started sketching not only funny but profound images representing all walks of life. All of these images stem from a genuine compassion for life, people and the suffering and joys we all go through. The names and looks of each face evokes in us an understanding of the qualities particular to ourselves we may never have noticed. They are not only funny faces – they are humanity looking at us saying, “Here I am.”

Pursuing higher goals after school, Bill joined the Navy and experienced deep camaraderie and a cherished brotherhood which taught Bill the true meaning of faithful friendship. Seeing people laugh whom he initially showed it to was therapeutic after he returned from the Vietnam war had helped lead him to join his local fire department.

An example of the transformation of the meaning of the faces over the years of his rich experiences is represented by the Old Veteran. It was transformed from a silly, funny face to a face depicting, with respect and dignity, a veteran coming home with the expression in his eyes showing the sacrifices he has made. All in all, Bill has captured in these faces ‘the stuff of life’. He sums up this life story in these words, “Man’s ultimate security will always be faith in himself.”

Biography of Vaughn Tucker

Acclaimed Jamaican artist Vaughn Tucker, whose work is reminiscent of Monet and van Gogh, is known for capturing rural life impressionism using lights and shadows to bring emotions to his subject matter. The thirty-three year old Street Scene was selected by Bank of Jamaica for it’s downtown Kingston location. He was also commissioned by Digicel, the country’s main cellphone provider, to create three paintings for its corporate office in New Kingston.

A silver medalist in the National Festival Fine Art Competition, Tucker’s work was exhibited in the Young Generation at Mutual Life Gallery in 1999 and 2000 and in the Young Professionals Pegasus Gallery in 1998 and 1999.

He developed his style of artistry by first practicing with water colors before graduating to more intricate techniques using oil-based media and acrylics.